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When the world is advancing at a pace unparalleled in history, budding businesses have to be extra vigilant to be successful. Without the cutting edge technology such as Machine Learning and Industrial Internet of Things, businesses deteriorate over time and find it hard to survive. We will help your business by helping you automate, scale & streamline – leave the tech to us!


Competitive Advantage

Our primary motto is to help people. Key ingredient in such a pursuit is compassion. With our team of highly motivated and creative problem solvers, we aim to put ourselves in the shoes of you and your customers before designing the solutions. Our team has a unique blend of “Get Things Done” attitude and research mindset.

Research Experience

Our team includes researchers with experience in academics. If the need be, we go past engineering to find novel solutions.

Industrial Experience

Our engineers have more than a decade of combined experience building robust and scalable solutions.

Touching The Hearts

Our leadership from rural India understand the hardships first hand. The only way – they say – is to experience life to understand why solutions matter.

Dwayo's Unique Offerings


Following are the highlights of what we can do for you. These integrate with solutions beautifully – creating a seamless experience that can help your business to be more efficient, cut costs and improve top line growth.

Internet of Things

Design and deployment of small and large scale Internet of Things and embedded solutions, starting from hardware design to cloud deployment.

Machine Learning

We have experience in deploying models on edge for image classification and recognition, biometric and temporal data.

Microservices on Cloud

Reduce maintenance and technical debt, build clean & lean teams by moving products from monolithic to microservices architecture

Mobile & Web Design

We design unique and meaningful interfaces and experiences for both – the web and mobiles – that can drive user interactions with behavioral insight.

Product Optimization

We work with agile production teams to design, optimize, fine-tune and secure their backend to transform their products into scalable and stable solutions.


The Leadership Team

The Dwayo team combines passion for research, industry experience & proven record of developing great products.

Devji Chhanga
Dhavan Vaidya

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering what we can do for you? Here are some common questions that may help you understand how we can help.

How can Dwayo help improve agricultural processes?

Our integrated solutions can provide realtime monitoring for crop and soil health. We can help you reduce pesticide usage with our computer vision based solutions to identify areas where they are needed. We can help forecast weather conditions to take precautions and limit the damage to crops.

How robotics can be leveraged at my farm?

Dwayo is invested in innovating for the post production agri processes such as produce grading and classification. We can also build custom robotics solutions for other stages of agri life cycle from sowing to reaping.

Which areas Dwayo can improve in manufacturing?

Quality checks, predictive maintenance, harnessing useful data, integration etc.

How quality checks can be automated?

Dwayo's custom computer vision based models can idenitfy production defects far more efficiently than human eye.

What is predictive maintenance?

We can predict machinary faults and maintenance beforehand to cut down unexpected production shutdowns.

Can we use all these on existing machinary?

Yes, our end-to-end solutions are custom designed for each of our client's needs to fit their existing machinary.

What are some examples of innovating office processes?

Dwayo's technology can read unstructured data even from handwritten documents and integrate these data into various processes thereby leveraging previously overlooked data points and reducing human efforts.

We are a team of 200+, how can we automate our attendance?

Our unique offering in attendance uses facial recognition technology to record attendance and provide meaningful tracking data.


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