About Dwayo

Who We Are

At Dwayo we come to work everyday with only one mission, to help people solve their problems using technology. The Buddhist mantra of helping sentinel beings is one of our founding inspirations. Problems turn us on. We work with our clients to design solutions that scale. Our experience in IoT, machine learning, apps design and cloud helps businesses be data driven, more connected, and insightful.

What is Dwayo?

We are a team of two and we have just launched Dwayo (Jun, 2019). Dwayo is combination of Sanskrit Dwe and English Duo. Dwayo is infant but the team has experience of over eight years in solutions design.

What We Do

1. Internet of Things

We believe the time is ripe to move all our tools and gadgets to the Internet, with security at core. We have designed and deployed small and large scale IoT and IIoT solutions, starting from hardware design to cloud deployment.

2. Machine Learning

Existing products can benefit vastly by incorporating artificial intelligence, and new products should be built with the scope of machine learning in mind. We have experience in data modeling, feature extraction and deploying models on edge - image classification and recognition, biometrics and temporal data.

3. In depth optimization of databases & algorithms

We have designed everything from 3NF to denormalized databases for varied requirements. Our solutions come with robust backend. our experts also work with agile production teams to design, optimize, fine-tune and secure their backend. We are Big-O people! we optimize algorithms for better performance. We can help transform your products into more scalable and stable solutions.

4. Microservices on Cloud

Scaling products on cloud is an important factor to be considered. Microservices provide an agile way to deploy independent yet elegantly coordinating services. With 5 years of experience in designing and upgrading products from monolithic services to microservices, we can help reduce your server maintenance, technical debt and establish lean and clean teams.

5. Mobile and Web design

We design unique and meaningful interfaces and experiences for both - the web and mobiles - that can drive user interactions and give insight into user actions.