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We help you scale and grow with our expertise in microservices, devops, data pipelines and machine learning.

What we do

Problems turn us on. We work with our clients to design solutions that scale.

Internet of Things

Design and deployment of small and large scale Internet of Things and IInternet of Things solutions, starting from hardware design to cloud deployment.

Machine Learning

We have experience in deploying models on edge for image classification and recognition, biometrics and temporal data.

Microservices on Cloud

Reduce maintenance and technical debt, build clean & lean teams by moving products from monolithic to microservice architecture

Product Optimization

We work with agile production teams to design, optimize, fine-tune and secure their backend and transform their products into scalable and stable solutions.

Data Pipelines

Deploy scalable pipelines with the help of our team to cater streaming data use-cases for lightening speed event processing or handle massive amounts of data.


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